Another draft tournament with a prize pool! Total prize pool is currently $500, with the winning team getting 1 month WTFast keys and 1000 Tribes gold per player.

Sign ups are currently open! More details on the format are available on this reddit post.

NATL Season 5 is still in progress, check out the division standings or upcoming matches for the full schedule.
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Games take place on Saturday 20th September and Sunday 21st September - and it has a prize pool! All players will need to check in between 12PM and 3PM EDT on Saturday 20th September.

For more information, check out this reddit post.
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Gameshrine is a community-run competition and eSports site with a pedigree reaching back to the original Starsiege: Tribes.

Currently we focus on CTF ladders and draft tournaments, with prizes from Tribes: Ascend creator, Hi-Rez Studios. We're also experimenting with more game types, such as Arena.

We're free to join and free to play in, so why not sign-up today and start having some fun!

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