NATL Season 5 - Rules
NATL Summer League 2014 Rules

Tournament Format:

The seasons will be played as a round robin in divisions of up to 8 teams.

The teams will be seeded in a step Ladder style.  Example:  Rank 1 will play Rank 2.  Etc...

Game-play Rules (Currently Subject to Change):

Standard physics will be used.

Banned/Limited Equipment & Perks:

Shocklance has been restored to the game.


    Prism Mines

    Any Form of Claymore or Mine
        Drop Jammer

    Proximity Grenades
    Shortfuse Grenades

    Plasma Gun

    Short-fuse Grenades
      One Turret only.
Safety Third (This is so you only have one repair kit.)



    1 Force Field

Class Limits:
    1 Sniper

Server Settings:

North America Central

Score Settings
Score To Win: 7 captures

Base Settings

Base Objectives: Disabled

Base Upgrades: Disabled

Generator Regen: Disabled

Generator Destroyable: Enabled

Powered Deployables: Enabled

Vehicle Settings

Health Multiplier: 1.0

Grav Cycle Limit: 2

Grav Cycle Price: 1200

Beowulf Limit: 1

Beowulf Price: 15000

Shrike Limit: 1

Shrike Price: 36000

Call-in Settings

Powered Call-ins: Disabled

Tactical Strikes: Disabled

Orbital Strikes: Disabled

Supply Drop: Active, 2000 credits, 30s cd, 2s buildup, ammo only disabled.

Friendly Fire Settings

Friendly Fire: Enabled

FF Multiplier: 1.0

FF on Deployables: Enabled

FF on Base Assets: Enabled

Kill Limit: Off

Damage Limit: Off

Time: Group stage games will have 10 minute overtime, playoffs will have unlimited overtime (60 minutes in server settings and the map will be restarted and played sudden death if the time limit expires).

Points: Points are awarded as follows:

2 for a win

1 for a tie

0 for a loss

Points in the group stage are awarded per cap, points in the playoffs are awarded per cap.

Scheduling: Each round of games will be assigned a week in which the two teams shall communicate and determine when they can play the match.  If they cannot come to an agreement, a team is allowed one (1) Postponement match for the season.  There are two weeks at the end of regular season play and Playoff's.  The Match can be made up then or if the two teams can agree upon a date/time prior to that, this is acceptable as well. Admins will enforce rescheduled dates but only if both teams have confirmed their agreement in the match comments.

Match Reporting: Teams are responsible for reporting their matches in the match results area.  The system will post the results once both teams post and the information matches.  If match results are not reported by the set deadline the game will be reported as a tie.  If one team reports and the other does not, the reporting team shall be awarded the win.
The season deadline is 24 hours after the season end date.  The playoff deadline is Midnight Saturday going into Sunday EST. of the final week.  Any matches not reported by either team, by the deadline will be scored as a forfeit for both teams

Server Selection:  League servers will not be provided.  Each team shall communicate with one another and agree upon the server to be used.    Whichever team?s server is used the admin password must be shared so the other team can check for spectators.  If the teams cannot find a server to play on it will be scored as if both teams had forfeit.

Grace Period:  Teams will be given a 10 minute grace period after the agreed start time to join the server.  Teams must contact an admin immediately after the 10 minutes to have the other team forfeit.  If the admin can contact the other team and they are able to play they will forfeit the first map and continue to play the remaining maps.  Admins will only enforce no-show forfeits if a server has been selected using the server selection rules 30 minutes or more before the start of the match.  If no server was posted the teams will be required to reschedule the game and it will be scored as a tie if not played before the deadline.

Starting Roster:  A team is only required to have one player in the server to be considered on-time.  The map will be rotated 10 minutes after the start time of the match.  Extra time will not be allotted if a team does not have seven players.

Communication:  It is the responsibility of team captains to initiate communication with admins. There should be no expectation that admins will proactively contact the teams.  Admins will be available on Mumble and Teamspeak 3.

Match Communication:  Teams are free to discuss their matches anywhere they like but admins will only enforce agreements made in the match comms on the website.

Rosters and Ringing:  Teams may add players to their rosters up until the start of the first playoff game for their league. Team rosters will lock at beginning of the playoffs.  If a team is in need of a "Stand in" player both teams are required to agree upon the player suggested to fill the empty spot.  If both teams are not capable of agreeing on the Stand In player another Stand In shall need to be found. 

Anyonein the Tribes Ascend Community is eligible to play as a Stand In, however the Majority of the team playing does need to be on the roster.  In other words, one member of the team and six Stand In's is not acceptable.  A minimum of four Team Registered members is required.  The remaining three places can be Stand In players.

Subs: Players may be subbed mid-map in the event of technical issues (ping, hardware failure, crashes) only.  The player who left may return to the game only if swapping out with the player who replaced them or coming in to replace a player who is having technical issues.  In any case whenever a player is swapped out for another someone from the team must say in chat which players are switching and for what reason.  Players subbing in and out in order to gain an advantage will be considered cheating and be dealt with accordingly.  Subs must wait to join the server until the player they are replacing has disconnected.

Spectators:  Spectators will not be allowed in the servers unless both teams agree upon each spectator.  Subs shall not spectate in the server for any reason.  If a person has been spectating they are no longer eligible as a Stand in player.

Any team caught with a spectator will be given a One Flag Cap Deduction for the Match.

Side Selection:  Sides will be randomly decided by computer generation for each match.

Maps Selection: All Matches shall be randomly selected by computer generation prior to the entire Season kicking off. 


Anti Cheat Technology:  The agreed upon Anti Cheat program shall be installed by all participating members of the League including Stand In players.  The Anti Cheat program shall be provided by the Administrator free of charge to all participating members.  Submission of screen shot and proper game play shall be submitted within twenty four (24) hours of a completed match for evaluation.  If a cheat is determined to have been used, forfeiture of the match is enforced on the offending team.  A second offense shall result in said team being removed from the League completely and the offending player shall be banned from future league play.
Flash INI's, Injections or any other version of a game aid shall be considered a Cheat.  The ONLY acceptable aids are Redicle overlay used in Mumble & Magic Chain (ONLY Magic Chain.  No bundled versions)

Map Pool:

    Arx Novena
    Dry Dock
    Dangerous Crossing

Rules Enforcement:  Rule infractions must be reported within 24 hours of match completion along with some form of evidence (VOD, screenshot, etc).  Rule infractions noticed by an admin, caster, or spectator will all be punished.  Punishments will be decided by an admin with the first option only being used when a rule was broken by accident and quickly remedied by a player.  The default punishments are listed below:

    A forfeit for the map in question.
    A permanent player ban and forfeit for the match in question.
    A permanent player ban and disqualification from the current competition.
    A permanent ban on the entire team

Teams that wish to have a say in the proceedings regarding their rule violation must submit a vod of the match from one of their players perspectives.  When a rule is broken by a team on their opponent's server as a result of the server being improperly configured (eg a banned weapon not being restricted) punishment may be less severe than those listed above including the possibility of no punishment at all.  Admins reserve the right to apply punishments not listed or apply no punishment at all in the interest of fairness.

Injects:  The default position on injects is that they are banned from competition.  Players caught using injects will be punished with permanent bans from competition.  Expressly allowed injects are listed below:

    Magic Chain

Forfeits: Teams will be assigned a forfeit if they are more than ten minutes late for an agreed upon match time.  If both teams forfeit a match the match will be scored as a tie.

Teams will have absolutely no say in whether they or their opponents forfeit.

Group Stage Tiebreakers: In the event of a tie in scoring, teams will gain advantage through the following criteria:

    The team with fewer forfeits
  The team with fewer Postponements.
    Flag capture differential (caps scored - caps allowed)
    Total flag cap scores  (caps scored)
    A tie breaker played on at 8pm EST the Sunday after the last group stage game. (1 map, 1 hour overtime)

Playoff Tiebreakers:  In order to break ties for second and seventh place the following format will be used:

If all of the above fail second place will go to the team who played the first place team in the final round.  Third and fourth will be decided by a one map tie breaker map.  If at any point the tiebreakers result in a two way tie with the third team ranked lower the second and third place will be decided by the stage one match between the two tied teams with the fourth place going to the third team.

Admins may add, modify or remove rules and their associated penalties at any time without notice. 

Admins may punish teams and/or players for any behavior that has a detrimental impact on the broadcast.

Admins may request that players who lag/warp excessively be replaced.  In the case where a player repeatedly lags/warps to his team's advantage the team will be punished at the admin?s discretion.
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