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An Interview With: Team Flamboyant
« on: June 11, 2013, 03:17:03 PM »

Flamboyant put up a solid showing in EUTL season one, you played well through the group stages but were unfortunately beaten by aurum in the match for third place. Did the fact that you were so close to breaking into the top three in season one push you to do better in season two?

Melur: No, I can't say that it did. Breaking into the Top 3 would not have been anything new to us, as we were the third best team in Europe for the last few months of 2012. With the new year, some changes to our lineup, and what I believe was an upgrade of Inofor's hardware, Aurum were able to take that spot away from us. It was frustrating but they deserved it. However, they were unable to participate in Season 2. So no, I can't say that taking the 3rd spot back was a big motivating factor for us. On the other hand, we've never really seen Vertigo as a superior team to us, and we really wanted to show the community that we could beat them.

In the downtime between seasons you have made quite a change in lineup and roles, you picked up kenxai as a capper, put kennet on offense and moved Jx3Aroo to roaming defense. Do you think this is working better than the lineup you ran in season one?

Melur: Yes, I do. I'll admit that the changes were initially not so much to improve the lineup, but to allow for certain players that were tired of their roles to get a bit of change. We also knew that a couple of players would be very busy during Season 2 and needed to pick up an extra player. Luckily, paired with a drastic change in our strategy, the new lineup has been working better than the old one. Kenxai has been doing fine and Jx3Aroo has adjusted well to the new position. Kennet's good performance was a bit more predictable.

The group stage match between you and vert was one of the closest and most exciting to watch series of games we have had in Europe for a long time. Do you think that you have managed to step your game up, to the point where you can compete with idk and vert consistently?

Melur: Yes. One of the things that keeps us going as a team is that we're constantly improving. Unfortunately, idk? are like that too and keeping up with them can prove difficult at times. This season, with the above mentioned changes in lineup and strategy, I believe we're at a point where we can take maps or even matches against the best teams. I'm looking forward to the playoffs as they should make for some exciting games and on a side note I can not wait to see vert face idk.

Thanks to jpWAI for proofreading.
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